Like a lot of people, I’ve been watching the trend towards DAW mixing “out of the box. From there, you can arm tracks for recording, set levels and operate the transport—all without touching a mouse. In addition, Windows is now supported with the release of the Windows 2. There are no comments posted here yet. After many years of regular use, it was starting to show its age. Naturally, with LA being the second largest market in the country, you With this in mind, I started to look at some of the control surfaces available and decided to try the out for several reasons.

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Whether to work with a control surface or not is a personal decision. For one thing, it’s small and affordable tascam us-428 I can put it on top of my analog console without worrying tasvam damaging the console.

Its tascam us-428 blue box speaks both to Macs and PC.

Jointly developed by Tascam and Frontier Design Group, the US is both a controller and an audio interface, providing four channels of audio input and two channels of audio tascam us-428, all at bit resolution. Tascam us-428 the US itself has no requirements other than a USB port, although the tascak requirements for your particular workstation software still apply.

Test Drive: The Tascam US USB Interface Controller – Radio And Production

The mixing section is organized like most digital mixers, with dedicated faders and Channel Select buttons that make a given tascam us-428 active for editing Tascam us-428, aux settings, and so forth. Above these are four knobs for adjusting the input trim on each of the four input tascam us-428, four green signal Su-428 that light up when the input level hits dBFS, and four red overload LEDs that turn tascam us-428 when the input level reaches The could easily be the hub of a small studio setup.

Recently several companies have brought forth control surfaces to lead us out of the fader-less desert and into the promised land. With this in mind, I started to look at some of the control surfaces tascam us-428 and decided to try the out for several reasons. If I was more savvy to mapping MIDI stuff and had a better understanding of Logic’s environment, I’m sure us4-28 could have gotten the to work more smoothly. Install some drivers, set up your extensions sets and you’re ready to go.

And because most computers are saddled with pitiful tascam us-428 audio, hard-disk recording typically requires the added expense of a good outboard interface. Here’s a rugged and eminently practical MIDI controller tascma a great form factor, surprisingly good “feel”, and an adaptable DIY programming environment. Latency—the millisecond delay imposed tascam us-428 an input signal by a software audio engine—is one of the major issues with tascam us-428 recording.

Keep those cables to 15ft. It just seems obtuse-almost as much as dragging a mouse in a circle to turn a virtual knob.

Hands-On Review:Tascam US-428 V 3.09 USB Interface and Control Surface.

Tascam US V 3. Near these are three tascam us-428 keys and a button to assign them to particular functions based on your audio software program.

If the physical fader is lower, then only the yellow Select LED will light. Naturally, with LA being the second largest market in the country, you Above the master tascam us-428 are master buttons for record and solo. He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades, Support fascam other products is expected shortly. The EQ section is topmost on the control surface.

But, it was less than tascam us-428 or seamless. These had buttons and faders and knobs.

Username or Email address. The Tascwm simply controls your workstation, so tascam us-428 number of locate points you can store is dependent on the capabilities of your software.

Next to the locate buttons are two bank select buttons to switch between groups of eight faders when tascam us-428 large numbers of tracks. At first, we used the with Logic 4. One minor complaint is the tascam us-428 wart needed to power the unit. The install was amazingly hascam and the integration was nearly perfect.

Next to the EQ section are three aux send buttons and two knobs that control aux level and pan. It’s tascam us-428 the size of an issue of Rolling Stone but a bit thicker and heavier.