Theater performing arts centers Recreational facilities Private and municipal stadiums Transportation ticketing Parking Facilities. Mechanically linked to cutter on Model pETX. When done cycle the power to resume normal printer operation. Press the F3 switch, twice approximately 1 second apart , holding the second press until the change mode is entered a menu printout will occur. It can accommodate externally fed ticket stock only. Insuring that the paper input supply to the printer does not pick up dirt and debris will prevent this damage.

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If a printhead dot fails to transfer its thermal energy to the paper, a white line will appear where its printed dots practical automation etx to have been located. If you have been using a Windows Printer Driver, you should use the G firmware. A printhead dot can fail practical automation etx several reasons: Wait for the first beep this can take several seconds.

The Registration Mark Width in the print direction axis is: If, however, the media used has inks that are not thermally stable and they bleed off and bond to the printhead, this can cause damage to the printhead.

Although some customers have experienced relatively good success when cutting directly on practical automation etx perforation, it is a practice that is not recommended for reliable long term operation.

Refer to the drawing below for dimensions. The distance from the cut line to the cut position sensor is factory set to 6.

Media that has abrasive thermal side press printed inks, or other damaging abrasive characteristics, must be practical automation etx to insure long printhead life.

Low paper input signal with two printer action algorithms. Once in the ehx mode, follow the printed menu’s instructions to move the cursor and change the required parameters.

There is a small possibility that the print energy setting is set too high for the media being imaged, however, this is somewhat rare. The operating controls are located behind the panel. Very frequent cleaning may be sutomation practical automation etx however, if this occurs, it is a red flag indicator that the media is the problem and it must be corrected!

Direct thermal Printhead Type: What are the options for accessing Tech Support? Please write the RMA practical automation etx on outside autmation shipping box. Best of all, you can rely on the ETX for long, hassle-free operation. Typical standard automatikn are 2, 4 and 5. Practical automation etx the thermal energy is blocked from flowing between the printhead’s thermal resistors dots to the media, thermal overstress will occur which will cause these dots to prematurely fail.

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The ETX is also supported by an available Windows compatible driver. Integrated rotary cutter cuts up to 0. Extensive built-in diagnostics and the ability to use the front panel switches to change the functions of the DIP switches EEPROM simplifies field maintenance and system set-up.

If you have questions, call Practical AutomationExt Email: If practical automation etx leading edge of the document emerges with a small paper segment and then perforation it means that practical automation etx is being done before the perforation. Under practical automation etx thermal printing circumstances plain white thermal mediathe build up of deposits due to the print process will occur at a very slow rate, requiring the printhead’s surface to be cleaned only after many thousands of printed documents.

How do I decode the Error Beeps? What Causes a Registration Error? It is not recommended to cut on the perforation.

Primary application- motion picture admissions. Use the line and box drawing capability and dot-addressable graphics to practical automation etx enhance the appearance of your rtx. Rotate and expand characters as you wish. Dot addressable graphics; box and line drawing commands- downloadable fonts and s- PCX file support, PCX image; rotation 0, 90,degrees and multiplication.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Release the F3 switch. Theater performing arts centers Recreational facilities Private and municipal practical automation etx Transportation practjcal Parking Facilities.