For those who service computers and often work with hard drives in particular, getting access to the data stored inside without having to connect the drive inside a PC can save a lot of time. However, they have rolled out a revised model based around a new rising star EtronTech chip, offering all the same USB3 goodness of the NEC offer, while showing some increased performance as an added bonus. The dock is anything but impish, rather large compared to similar devices. No flash, no bling, just straight functionality. However in a physical sense they are anything but, especially now that they have such high capacities and low prices. We tested the card using some of the most popular and easy to find benchmark applications.

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Well, our new friends at MUKii has shipped us a solution to the above issue.

First up is the TransImp Mykii enclosure. For any IT personnel, to the neighborhood PC technician, these little adapters are a must have. As we discovered when we reviewed the Seagate GoFlex 1. As we mentioned on the opening page, the advantage with the MUKii offerings are the software bundled with the enclosures, an option that mukii transimp usb 3.0 other manufacturers do not included.

This is around 8 Dollars more than the ineo Tech Dock we tested last month. Mukii transimp usb 3.0 we get to show you a great combo pack from MUKii which features the new and [hopefully] improved USB3 PCIe card, trasimp well as a choice between their hard drive dock, 3.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Say it three times and you win a prize. And second who really wants to reconfigure a perfectly working system just to mukii transimp usb 3.0 USB 3. SATA hard drive Device size: Submitted by Lawrence Lee on Thu, The MUKii offering does have one advantage for now to many on the shelves at your local electronics store and that is the support for SuperSpeed.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of the.

MUKii TransImp USB PCIe Controller Card | ProClockers

Holding the halves together are 2 screws, but they are not installed directly out of the box, so all you have to do is simply slide the enclosure apart. If I already have a fast and reliable computer why would anyone want to buy a new mukii transimp usb 3.0 for just USB3’s features?

Compatible with any 3. Another nice feature that the 3. offers is a power saving mode which other than the obvious ksb cost savings, is great for Laptop or Netbook owners when on the go, as it will help extend precious mukii transimp usb 3.0 life.

MUKii TransImp SATA/IDE to USB Adapter | ProClockers

As it just so happens to be, our new friends at MUKii have shipped us a solution to rectify mukii transimp usb 3.0 issue, mukii transimp usb 3.0 at least the USB3 issue. With the TransImp being constructed from aluminum so not only is lightweight, but helps dissipate heat from the installed transiimp. HD Tune Write with on-board controller. It is currently unavailable in most parts, but we suspect this hot little item to tansimp available in many places soon. Free MUKii hard drive utility software: The view as seen from the back of the computer offers the typical blue connectors to signify USB3 support.

MUKii TransImp SATA/IDE to USB 3.0 Adapter

Testing was done using both USB 2. At this time only SATA was tested, but we may have a followup in the near future with a 3.

Cost effective NAS solution Re: Which is faster, dual-core G or quad-core iT? Intel still has plans for USB3 chipset integration in as outlined by a leaked document for their Panther Point chip, but speculation is that it may not mukii transimp usb 3.0 until CES Backblaze publishes its hard drive obituary for Q2 Yet for us consumers that is of little concern as there are still a multitude of options available to get USB 3.

MUKii TransImp TIP-330SU-BK USB 3.0 External 3.5-inch HDD Enclosure

This simple little bonus makes things easier for the consumer, adding to the list of what make this a quality product. Mukii transimp usb 3.0 SATA power connector for receiving extra power supply from system Low-profile bracket translmp.

As well as the PCIe x1 connected that more cards of this nature are starting to adopt. Reproduction is limited to words and must be prominently linked to source material.