Basically, netbooks with Intel’s Atom N and a The rates in a deactivated state and standby also stay within a limit of 0. The display sets standards for this price category and surprises us positively. There were various problems with PCMark05 in our test device, and the latest Vantage version can only be executed starting with Windows Vista. The highest rating would likely have been cracked with the 6 cell battery. As usual, the front and rear are free of connections.

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That rate isn’t alarming, but you feel the heat on the case.

Review Asus Eee PC R101 Netbook

Asus homepage Asus notebook section. Asus r101d adapter is impressive with its low weight. The high-quality workmanship, the plain design and the ergonomics are convincing, whereas we would have preferred a larger touchpad.

This performance gain is only marginal and we expect more from the energy savings function. The ” Classic ” test of the little tool, BatteryEaterdetermines the minimum battery runtime under asus r101d. All surfaces are matt and have a pleasant texture made up of many asus r101d diamond shapes, whereby the bottom is exempt of any patterns. Apart from the netbook, the slim adapter with cable, a brief instruction manual, the warranty card and a 3 cell battery with a capacity of 23 Wh are found.

The workmanship is of high-quality and we can’t asus r101d any flaws on the case. The touchpad is clearly separated from the wrist-rest and has a good haptic, due to the roughened surface. The Asus asus r101d and the chrome bar above the mouse keys provide a nice contrast to the matt surface.

Additionally, the display’s maximum brightness and the WLAN r10d are enabled. The integrated LED backlight makes an even illumination of the entire surface possible, whereas it is a high 94 percent in our test device. The RAM can asus r101d very easily exchanged due to a cover on the bottom, but accessing the 2.


Touchpad The touchpad in this netbook unfortunately turns out quite asus r101d with a diameter of 7. The communication options are limited.

Despite Windows XP as the operating system, various multi-touch asus r101d are supported and can be used without difficulty. Asus has used the case design consistently and doesn’t use any high-gloss parts whatsoever.

Another benefit of the matt case is its resistance asus r101d dust, fingerprints and scratches. It doesn’t look very good if you want a matt and bright display, though.

We don’t put value on small additions for this starter device because it would only increase the price unnecessarily. The design makes an overall balanced impression and is impressing. Aus, the rates are impressivebut the small vent on the device’s left traps air, which causes slightly higher temperatures in this area.

Simple 3D games can asus r101d played asus r101d, though. However we could occasionally asus r101d a clacking.

The battery life under minimum load and asus r101d brightness can be determined with the ” Reader’s ” test. Asus Eee PC R The current heat wave doesn’t have an impact on the display. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.

Furthermore, the power socket and a asus r101d vent for warm waste air are also here. Only the integrated audio connectorover which headphones or external loudspeakers asus r101d be connected, can remedy this. The Atom N normally works with 1. The matt display x pixels and The keyboard is convincing due asus r101d large keys.

Combo jack headphone-in, microphone-outCard Reader: The plain case is particularly striking in an understatement with a diamond texture.