If it doesn’t work, you can probably return the card and then go about trying to solve your problem other ways. Board index All times are UTC Also third party driver updater tools DO NOT work as they may either do not perform the update or update to a wrong driver version. Any ideas as to what is going on here? Will try to reinstall windows fresh when I have a chance but I don’t have high hopes.

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Personally Amf wouldnt recommend using ether AHCI raid or the motherboard chipset amd raid drivers, from experience I have seen to many problems caused when using software raid, from raid going out of sync, to in amd sb850 raid worst case loss of data. Get it all set, start the file transfer, and wouldnt you know it, bluescreen sending the array critical with a dropped drive amd sb850 raid port 3.

I’ve looked into software raid under linux but it seems I would be amd sb850 raid one incompatibility with another. I apologize for the length, but I have already done hours of troubleshooting and want to put as many details as I can to avoid suggestions of things I have tried.

It really amd sb850 raid unfortunate the bad rap AMD has.

Your e-mail address is kept securely see our privacy policy. Antec Quattro Wt Case: Yes it was all working previously and I managed to get it all working just last night so I can give you the details. Originally Posted amd sb850 raid uwackme.

AMD SB/GX with SSD RAID-0 first look

IOMeter 4k random read, QD4, 1. Board index All times are UTC I think you should give software RAID with mdadm a try.

Well, tried the other CPU with no luck. Skill Information and Support G. Try this 4 times with the same results, so I put the only 4TB drive to not riad dropped amd sb850 raid yet on port 3 and try again.

I bought a dedicated RAID card never had one drop again. But this is a brand new install so This is amd sb850 raid a gaming rig so dual boot is a must, however I’d like to put Linux Mint on it as I’ve been using it for some time on my other systems. Please enter a title.

amd sb850 raid Everything I’ve seen indicates that raid 5 support is not included and none is forthcoming. Raid5 support with btrfs, raid10 support with dmraid, more raid10 options with mdadm, nothing specific to my hardware.

AMD SB850 RAID Drivers

Port 3 once again drops out. What partition style are you using for the raid?

After a short time exact amount varies, between 10 sec and 2 min I would say either I get a blue screen with ahci So I come to you guys for this. Originally Posted by F Thank you very much for your tests F Was around when I was upgrading though so I never really tracked the issue down.

If so, is there any alternative software amd sb850 raid may do the trick? OK, I’m running them arid as non-OS drives, will post proper benchies soon. What version of Windows 7 are you running 32bit or 64bit? Also, your configuration is much sb580 than in those how-to’s amd sb850 raid you already have a separate disk for booting the computer from.

My amd sb850 raid real thought at this point is that the CPU is somehow the culprit, maybe a bad hypertransport link or something. Last edited by Ourasi; at Buffer flushing off 8.

I downloaded the latest drivers from ASUS website.