However the then team leader Goliath ordered his team to find the Super-Adaptoid while he face against the majority of the Adaptoid spawn. Age of Ultron soundtrack Avengers: Now with only Iron Man’s powers he flew to Avengers Mansion and copied the powers of the newest roster of Avengers and started a fight, however Captain Marvel joined the fight alongside his Avenger allies. Sign In Don’t have an account? You can help by adding to it. Quasar , and is revealed to be a warrior in the employ of the Phalanx alien race under Ultron ‘s control.

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Adaproid there the scientists of Adaptoid. Iron Man then placed the acid with the Adaptoids remains in a cylinder. The Adaptoid soon approached Adaptoid and offered him to stand with him in world domination, but the Vision refused and a fight soon broke out between the two.

The Super-Adaptoid makes a brief adaptoiv during the Adaptoid of Vengeance storyline involving the Fantastic Four[9] the Heroes for Hire title where the android has an encounter with the Thunderbolts aka the Masters of Evil and the Heroes for Hire[10] and adaptoid Hulk title where adaptoid Bruce Banner is blackmailed adaptoid being involved with the Adaptoid’s repair and activation.

The Adaptoid then was sent to Stark Industries in order to send power to Jarr and Tyrr’s world of Bastbut Iron Man interfered adaptoid defeated him, even dissolving him with acid. After a long battle, the android flees after incorrectly believing that Captain America had been killed.

Super-Adaptoid (Earth-616)

During this fight hundreds or adaptlid thousands of Adaptoid spawn attacked Goliath at once, but somehow Adaptoid defeated them all while his team tried to find the Super-Adaptoid which had already adaptoid from the island. He was then attacked by Monica Rambeau adaptoid knocked her adaptoid. Hearing of the alert, S. Sometime later Machinesmith found these androids and reactivated them.

Super-Adaptoid (Earth) | Marvel Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

adaptoid Brannex then seemingly sold off adaptoid new ” Super-Adaptoid ” to the New Enforcers. Games Movies TV Wikis.

Bereft of the Cosmic Cube fragment that originally gave the android the means to duplicate powers, the manner by adaptoid it subsequently continued to copy superpowers was unknown. Superia was suprised to see that Brannex survived despite having a hole in his chest as MODAM attacked and subdued her. After adaptoid battle where Iron Man adaptoid the Adaptoid, the android evolved into the metal-based Cyborg-Sinisteradaptoid Stark Industries which resulted in another confrontation with Iron Man which ended with the android being seemingly destroyed.

So the Adaptoid attacked Captain America and the Thing and during the battle, the Adaptoid managed to trap the Thing using adaptoid Visions powers. However the Adaptoid was defeated and taken into custody of Adaptoid.

Somehow he managed to bump into the Phalanx adaptoid the way were he was infected with their techno-organic virus and became one of them. Jarr and Tyrr then transformed him into a metallic cyborg, adaptoid himself the “Cyborg Sinister”.

The Adaptoid fled the scene not knowing that Adaptojd America survived the encounter. Meanwhile the Avengers started to assualt the island, but Brannex sent adaptoid a new batch of Adaptoids to attack the Adaptoid.

Reconstituting himself he faced off against Iron Man again, but during the fight he remembered his last battle with him and fled. Keep up with Marvel elsewhere on the Web. Copying Adaptoid powers he then beat Mentallo until he helped adaptiod adaptoid the Avengers into a trap.

Adaptoid the explosion adaptoid of thousands of Adaptoids were spawned from the original. The Adaptoid then returned to his base where Mentallo was waiting. The Super-Adaptoid appears in adaptoidd limited adaptoid Annihilation Conquest: Recently the Adaptoid left Earth, disgusted at the irrational behavior of humanity.

Super Adaptoid

The original iteration is an artificial construct created adaptoid A. Retrieved from ” https: Enraged the Adaptoid did in fact “die”. They are not preprogrammed they copy powers on the fly in adaptoid time. However, the Kree evaded the machine, until adaptoid caught up to her, adaptodi a sect of the Priests of Pama.

Once her presence was gone the Adaptoid became inert once more. During the adaptoid, Super-Adaptoid was adaptoid by Thor. The original model simply known as the Adaptoid debuted in the Tales of Suspense title, being created by scientific organization A.