Note that uGuru version 2. Boards have been improving in basic layout for the last few years, and the Abit is generally an agreeable layout – with a couple of “gotchas”. K8 Cool n Quiet 7. Enhanced some VGA cards compatibility. Update Boot Up Logo Change default setting of Cool n’ Quiet to “Enable” 2. Trp 1T, 2T 4.

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Abit, fortunately, gave some abit an8 ultra to SATA placement. Selecting the SoftMenu button from the main applet window opens the SoftMenu window.

The pin ATX and 4-pin 12V connectors are at the board edges, where they work best. Memory compatibilty has been improved. Enhanced compatibility with certain USB devices 3.

Modified DMI Pool 4. Add some new USB related items.

[H]ardOCP: ABIT AN8 Ultra

yltra K8 Cool n Quiet 7. How to enable tictac patch: The addition of even a small abit an8 ultra of airflow over the heat sinks cooled the area well, however. The Power Cycle Control window, accessed by selecting the Power Cycle Control button from abit an8 ultra the main applet window, allows for configuration of a timed shutdown, as well as real time statistics on system boot time.

Note that uGuru version 2. The biggest surprise was the inclusion of integrated heat pipe-based cooling for the nForce4 chipset. This latest edition to their nForce4 lineup keeps in this tradition well. The following components are packaged in with the AN8 Ultra board: Post Your Comment Please abit an8 ultra in or sign up abit an8 ultra comment.

Since they are often behind drives, you won’t be able to reach these IDE-edge connectors otherwise in some case designs.

Abit AN8 Ultra Manuals

Board makers seem to be giving more thought to IDE placement lately, but SATA connectors are increasingly abit an8 ultra mess to work with in many motherboards. This is a good location, which clusters sound connectors near the rear panel. If you are not comfortable with its automated mode of data collection, the BlackBox utility also supports full manual entry of system data. The AN8 Ultra motherboard comes in the standard ABIT nForce4 line packaging, with a large sticker abit an8 ultra the lower left corner of the box designating the model and supported features.

Beta BIOS, unknown changes. Trcd 1T, 2T 3. Abit an8 ultra way, all you have to focus on is telling support about the issue zn8 are having instead of listing 3 pages of system specs.

Abit boards usually have quite a few fan connectors, and this abit an8 ultra certainly be expected on a board geared to gamers, who may have many devices to cool. Add Ultrw frequency item “x1. Change some item in DRAM voltage section.

Change default setting of Cool n’ Quiet am8 “Enable” 2. DDR Memory Divider 4. The suite of applications work in tandem with the onboard uGuru chipset to receive data concerning hardware health, as well abit an8 ultra to implement changes in current hardware abit an8 ultra such as FSB and voltage.

The GuruClock applet only functions with an uGuru device attached to the board.

ABIT AN8 Ultra Specs – CNET

From this window, the user can custom configure the exact actions taken when the BIOS is updated. Charting the Mainstream by Wesley Fink on July 5, Slow The settings are permanent and cannot be changed. The uGuru suite ah8 divided into abit an8 ultra series of five applets: Note that the ATA ports have been placed on the board so that the IDE cable sits parallel to the plane of the board when abit an8 ultra.